2018-03-19 Recovery Day 378

Today was again a so-so day. It started again around 5:00 after my shower, suddenly stomach pains took over. I went back to sleep and got up just around 8:30. Felling better I decided to try going for my morning walk. At the start it was a bit difficult, but as I continued walking it got better. After walking I went back to resting in my recliner.

For lunch I had a chicken noodle soup. My system still was not back to normal. No fever or high blood pressure, just that yucky taste in my mouth and come and go stomach feeling. My plan was to sort out the things I need to take for my all-day Wednesday infusion session. In stead of getting up to do so, I dozed off. I woke up around 3:00 (15:00) just in time to get ready for my 4:00 (16:00) biannual visit with my Cardiologist.

The checkup was positive, no heart issues and no change in medication, my next checkup will be in July this year. Getting back home it was time for dinner. Eating dinner was without problems. However, about 30 minutes later I dozed off again. I had no choice but to give in and rest before going to bed.

That is it for today, in summary, today was another so-so day.