2018-03-20 Recovery Day 379

Today was a good day, better then yesterday, even with the rain. No issues getting up today, my vitals look good. I had my Skype session with Francois before getting ready for my morning walk with Dean. The rain had stopped as we started our walk and it look like we may make it without rain coming down.

However, one quarter into our walk some big drops came down forcing us to find shelter under a big pine tree for about 5 minutes. Once the rain cleared we continue with our walk. We two more rain breaks before we returned back home. Regardless it was a good walk that lasted a bit longer. Getting back home it was time to change the some what wet cloth.

Having time before lunch, I called Ray for our FaceTime call and afterwards connected with Paul as well. For lunch I had a chicken noodle soup with some German Wieners slices. After lunch I got ready for the Cancer Support Group meeting. Today’s meeting was rather large with 14 members being present. It was a very interesting meeting. After the meeting completed, I waited in the Library for my drive to be ready to take me home.

Getting back home it, we normally go for our family afternoon walk, however since it was raining too much, we had to skip it. I did run in to a problem during dinner tonight. Starting to eat I notice that the taste was off and instead my mouth was filled with a very metallic taste. After stopping to eat, the awful taste did not go away, and in addition my stomach started to hurt now with cramps. All I could do is to go to bed, hopping the taste issue would go away.

That is it for today, in summary, today was a good day.