2018-03-22 Recovery Day 381

Today was a good day. The day started of with a good breakfast followed by checking my vitals. Since this is my first day after yesterday’s treatment, I will have to watch for new side effect. As to my morning walk, it was still raining an hour before, but by 9:00 it had finally stopped enough for Dean and I to walked as we do every weekday.

There is not much to report, after my morning walk, Dean and I drove to Concord to check out some stuff and Fry’s. After that I did some grocery shopping at CostCo in Concord and Antioch. By the time we got back it was early afternoon. I put the groceries away and did some light housework, before finally resting. The rest of the day is as always, dinner followed by watching some TV before going to bed.

As to my health especially any side effects, there were no new ones. My energy level was good so was my appetite. Even my back painted not require any medication. All in all it was good day.

That is it for today, in summary, today was a good day.