2018-03-23 Recovery Day 382

Today was a so-so day. Like yesterday, the day started of with a good breakfast followed by checking my vitals. Today I was walking alone since Dean had an early morning appointment. The weather was very good, not to hot or cold, just right with a blue sky. There were no back pain issues walking, which was great. Getting back home I prepared my lunch for the get-together with Larry, Bill and Suzan.

I did some resting before our lunching. Besides eating during our lunch meeting we had some good conversation, especially since Larry had missed the last three because of a cold. Greg was not able to join as since it was his turn to have a cold.

Shortly after the lunching was over, I started to have some stomach pain that got worth as the afternoon moved on. The pain is linked to the constipation side effect of the various treatment medication. For over a year we were able to control it after having had to go through a very bad one.

Today’s pain was just that, however I was able to have the bowel movement before things got to bad. Still it took some time to recover, including change to my dinner plan, just having soup with some bread.

That is it for today, in summary, today was a so-so day, starting of good and ending not so good.