2018-03-24 Recovery Day 383

Today was another so-so day. I felt very dizzy waking up this morning. Instead of getting up I stayed in bed for a bit longer. After another hour and a half, the dizziness was almost gone, time to get up. Because my stomach did not feel 100%, most likely a result from yesterday’s problem, I just had some toast. After resting for a bit my stomach problems disappeared just in time to join the girls for their shopping trip.

The shopping trip ended with lunch at a local fast-food place. After getting back home to unload the groceries, we went out one more time to complete grocery list. By the time we got back home, I needed to rest as my back pain had increased.

The rest of the day was spend at home since the weather has changed, cooling down with wind speeds of up to 25 mph. We watched a movie, taking a few photos for Project 365 in our backyard and enjoying dinner.

That is it for today, in summary, today was another so-so day, with its ups and downs.