2018-03-26 Recovery Day 385

Today was mostly a good day. No dizziness getting up and vitals were good. After enjoying a good breakfast and resting a bit it was time for my morning walk. After getting back from the morning walk, Dean and I took off to return some bottles and cans to the recycling center before doing some shopping for a special fountain at Costco.

As it turns out the fountain is only available in Stockton, 43 miles from Antioch. Since we had nothing else planned we decided to drive down and check it out. Since we did not have lunch we stopped halfway at McDonald’s in Rio Vista before continuing to Stockton. The good news seeing the fountain unpacked, it is exactly what we wanted, so I bought it.

As to the mostly good day I mention at the start, it has to do with the ending of the drive back home from Stockton. Arriving back home my stomach started to feel not good, it lasted for about an hour be settling down so that I could have a soup and toast for dinner.

That is it for today, in summary, today was mostly a good day.