2018-03-27 Recovery Day 386

Today was a good day. No issues getting up today, my vitals look good. After enjoying a good breakfast and resting a bit it was time for my morning walk. After getting back from the morning walk I spend some time in my office working on copying a CD that would not open on some other PCs. The problem seems to be that the CD contains 830 MB of data and most CDs are only holding 700 MG.

For lunch I had a Brie Sandwich. After lunch I got ready for the Cancer Support Group meeting. Today’s meeting was rather large with 10+ members being present. It was a very interesting meeting. After the meeting completed, I waited in the Library for my drive to be ready to take me home.

Dinner was a surprised. Our friend Alice provided us with spaghetti with meat ball, french baguette and brownies and peeps for dessert. It was great not to have to look for one night after what to have for Dinner. After dinner we rested and watched some TV.

That is it for today, in summary, today was a good day.