2018-03-28 Recovery Day 387

Today was a bad day. It did not start that way as I had no issues getting up and my vitals looked good. I had a good breakfast and got ready for my all-day treatment. It started during the pre-med infusion that my energy level dropped and my stomach suddenly did not feel that good.

Things fail apart shortly after starting with the Darzalex infusion, I started to feel small spasms on top of my left arm. The spasms increased to the point that I ended up laying on the pullout bed for the rest of the treatment. Thanks for the bed I dozed of for the of the treatment time.

By the end of the treatment the spasms were gone and I went home. After getting home I went for a small walk to get the leftover dizziness out of my system. Getting back it was time for dinner. After dinner I rested and watched some TV.

That is it for today, in summary, today was a bad day as I had planned to upload my pictures taken each day but never had the time to do so.