2018-03-31 Recovery Day 390

Today was a very good day. It started with sleeping in and after getting up having a good breakfast. Normally I don’t walk on the weekend with Dean, instead one of my family members joins me. Today for personal reasons I asked Dean to join me. We had a really good walk thanks to the nice weather. Health-wise I had no issues, I was not sure because of yesterday’s immunization shoots, if there would be some side effects – All was good!

After getting back from my walk, we spend some time assembling our new outdoor fountain, the one I got with help from Dean at CostCo in Stockton. The most difficult part of setting the fountain up was leveling the top part to make sure that the water runs over the edge all around the bowl. We got it all done just in time to have lunch.

After lunch we started with figuring out how to install the curtain at the end of our new extended patio overhang. We had a sun-guard roll up/down with the old setup, which was ok but because we extended the overhang we needed a different solution. The good news, we figured out how to do it, the bad news we ran out of energy for today. All that we were able to do was to go to Lowes to get some needed parts.

Getting back home from Lowes it was time to rested for the rest of the day, including dinner and watching a movie, Justice League. That is it for today, in summary, today was a very good day.