2018-04-05 Recovery Day 395

Today was a good day. Getting up, I had no stomach issues. However I did play it safe and had only toast and tea for breakfast. Today is day two with out taking the chemo pill Pamalyst. It is also day one after taking yesterday dexamethasone. The question for today, will I have the spams again or any other side effects? As I start writing this blog entry in the mid afternoon all things are positive.

My morning walk was with out Dean as he had some other commitments. It was no issue as I used to walk alone for many months until Dean and Gary joined me. I had a good 90 minute walk thanks to the cooler temperature. The forecast for tomorrow is rain and more rain. We will most likely have to walk in our Mall near by.

After getting back from my walk I had a FaceTime session with Ray. There was a lot to catch up since we did not connect for some time. There is still more to talk about, hopefully we can do that tomorrow. I rested until it was lunch time. For lunch I had a cup of tomato soup with a slice of toast.

After lunch spend some hours upstairs in my office sorting out my power cabling for the setup of my MacBook and its attachment, including a external display. Since my MacBook only has on contour for in- and output, USB-C, to connect the power, monitor and other USB devices I use a intelligent hub that can identify were what data has to go and in what direction. In addition there are many cables to take care of. I believe I got it all figured out. If so I can start transferring all the pictures I took each day from its dropbox location to my Flickr location so that I can reference/link to them in my blog entries.

Being Thursday I collected all the garbage through out the house and took the three garbage cans to the street curb for early pickup tomorrow morning. After that I rested and started to write this blog entry. Anything below this will be done before retiring for the day.

After dinner I rested and watched some TV before retiring for the night.

That is it for today, in summary, today was a good day. Hopefully a sign for more to come.

Picture of the Day

2018-04-05 – Neighborhood Roof Top Types