2018-04-06 Recovery Day 396

Today was another good day. No health related issues getting up today, therefore I went back to my regular breakfast of European Muesli and a cup of hot coco. Checking my vitals they were good. Since it was raining very hard, Dean and I went to the local mall and walk around for an hour. The mall opens at 10:00, however there is a entrance for employees which we use to get in by 9:00. The security guards know us by now and don’t have an issue with anyone just walking their rounds.

After our so called walk we started our Friday shopping activity, starting with CostCo. Next on the list was WinCo. In both warehouse stores we get most of our groceries for the week. Since it was lunch time we enjoyed a Slice of Pizza Lunch combo at WinCo be fore moving on to dropped by at Old Navy for a change. I was looking for a Cargo/Khakis shirt as part of my Docent wardrobe. They had some but were overpriced. Guess I have to wait for a sale or check out Amazon.

Getting back home and after unpacking the groceries it was time to rest, the long outing did put some pressure on my back. Taking two Tylenol took care of that. Not having spoken to Don, I decided to give it a try to connect via FaceTime. I was lucky we connected and had about an hour long call, catching up with what his health status is and what is new in Canada.

The rest of the afternoon I helped with housework, such as hanging up the laundry, and sorting the over 900 photos I took so far this year. Resting downstairs, working on my laptop and watching the rain go by in the backyard is the way to go. It did not take long that suddenly it was dinner time. After dinner I rested and watched some TV before retiring for the night.

That is it for today, in summary, today was a good day. Is it a sign for more good days to come?

Picture of the Day

2018-04-06 – Lit Trees signifying the start of Spring

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  1. Love the photo! It is good to hear about your daily routines and glad to know how active you have managed to become. Keep the faith! xoxoxo

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