2018-04-10 Recovery Day 400

Today was another good day. Today started with no stomach issues, but instead I had a bit of dizziness. Taking my dizziness medication fixed that problem quickly. After a short rest and taking my regular morning medication, I went for my morning walk with Dean. It turned out that our walk today was about two (2) hours long thanks to running into a number of people we know that wanted to talk, getting updates from us.

After returning home from our walk I uploaded today’s photos to save some time later on tonight returning from the support group meeting. I started to get my stuff together for the support group meeting before eating lunch. Afterwards Dean came by to pick me up and drop me of that the local cancer center for the support group meeting. Today’s meeting attendance was rather small, only seven (7) members, which as it turns out was good since it was rather personal.

After returning home from the meeting I went for my afternoon walk. By the time I got back it was time for dinner and watching some TV afterwards before retiring for the night.

That is it for today, in summary, today was another good day. Yes, there is the issue with the either my stomach or dizziness in the morning. For now we just have to watch them and see if there is a pattern to it.

Picture of the Day

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