2018-04-13 Recovery Day 403

Today was another excellent day. The day started again with no stomach issue nor any dizziness. This morning is a repeat of yesterday, I had a good breakfast before I started to get my walking stuff together. After a short rest and taking my regular morning medication, I figured out what to wear for this morning walk since the temperature forecast was allover the board. Most of the times I get this more wrong then right, but today I was right on.

Today we walk along one of our regular trails since we wanted to go shopping at CostCo afterwards and needed to be back home by 11:30 for my Friday’s lunch with my Premenos’ co-workers.

We had no problem to get back home in time with some time to spare. As it turns out, Larry came early as always around 11:50 given us some time alone to catch up with what happened since our last get-together. Normally Bill and Suzan arrive around 12:15, but today they did not, as it turns out Bill got stuck in a meeting, that lasted almost to 1:00 (13:00). BTW, Greg got stuck in the same meeting as well. Since it would take Bill about 40 minutes to join us we call cancelled the lunch. Hopefully next week we will all be able to have lunch together.

After a resting period I started to upload my photos and started my blog entry for today. I had a surprise visitor, Alice came by dropping of a nice jacket she found. We chatted for a bit before she left, just in time for dinner being prepared, tonight it was Pizza and a Caesar salad. After dinner we watched some TV afterwards before retiring for the night.

That is it for today, in summary, today was another excellent day.

Picture of the Day

2018-04-13 – Shopping @ CostCo