2018-04-19 Recovery Day 409

Finally the weather has warmed up. Health wise, it was a repeat of the last few days, no treatment side effects, making this a good day. My to my vitals, they were fine. I had a good breakfast. Afterwards I took my morning medication and got ready for my morning walk with Dean. After our walk we drove to Costco for some Grocery shopping. Getting back home after unloading the groceries I did feel some back pain which I kept under control with some Tylenol.

After lunch I rested a bit waiting for the Garage Door Service to come by to take a look at our garage door to see what it will take to fix it. The news was not good, we need to replace the whole door.

After the Garage Door Service left I worked on our fountain, adding water and cleaning the pump. My next task was to vacuum the downstairs. All of the work was a bit to much for my back forcing me to quit take some Tylenol and rest.

Today we went to the food truck festival at our Community center parking lot to pick up some Mediterranean dinner to take home to eat. My Gyro was very good, so were the lemon feta fries.

After dinner I watched some TV before calling it a day. That is it for today, in summary, today was a good day.

Picture of the Day

2018-04-19 – Our New Fountain