2018-04-22 Recovery Day 412

Another fine warm day. Health wise, my blood pressure was back to what it has been since starting the second round of treatment. No change in my morning routine, starting with a good breakfast, taking afterwards my morning medication and getting ready for my morning walk. Today, being Sunday, the walk was a family affair.

Getting back home from the walk I went to asked Dean if he would help us putting up our new Sun Shade screen.It took us about two (2) hours putting the screen up. The good news, the screen does what it claims. After lunch it was time to do some house work. The rest of the afternoon was relax time we watch the last episode of The Killing and started watching Bosch Session 4.

After dinner we watched some more TV before calling it a day. That is it for today, in summary, today was a good day.

Picture of the Dayv

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