2018-05-16 Recovery Day 436

Health-wise nothing new, same as the last few days, a good night sleep, no dizziness and good vitals. Next a good breakfast and taking my morning medication. Afterwards I had FaceTime session with Don. Since Dean had some personal business to look after, I walked alone. Today’s walk took about 1 hour, without any increase in back tightness and no pain.

After returning back home, I started to take today’s pictures using our garden’s flower box as subject. For lunch I had a bowl of lentil before I started to upload today’s pictures and started to write this posting. Around 3:15 I got ready for my wife picking me up for my followup appointment with my oncology doctor.

In a nutshell, the outcome of the followup meeting was positive in that the number are stable and the MRI and PET reports did not show any new cancer masses nor did any of current ones lit up. We returned home with some time to spare before dinner. The goal is to get the numbers down a bit more into range.

After dinner we watched some TV before calling it a day. That is it for today, in summary, today was a good day.

Picture of the Day

2018-05-16 – Zen Camera – Lesson 1 – Observation (Look Up), Day 15