2018-05-19 Recovery Day 439

Health-wise still no change, I had a good night sleeps, no dizziness and good vitals after getting up. After breakfast and my morning medication I went outside to take the set of photos for today. Getting back home I rested a bit before going for my morning walk with my wife.

After returning back home, I spend the next five hours sorting and filing the paperwork that has accumulated since the start of the year. I did have lunch half way through the work. I was glad the pile of paper got sorted and filed away, however my back did not agree. I took some Tylenol and rested until it was dinner time.

After dinner we watched some TV before calling it a day. That is it for today, in summary, today was a very good day.

Picture of the Day

2018-05-19 – Zen Camera – Lesson 1 – Observation (Look Up), Day 18