2018-05-21 Recovery Day 441

Health-wise I guess having had so many good days, they had to come to an end. It started with a night of very little sleep. I got up about every hour, but could not fall back into a good sleep. Finally getting up at my regular time, 06:30, I had dizziness, back pain and shoulder pain, none reducing over time as normally. Back to my morning routine, I had some toast with Camille tea for starters, followed by my morning medication to get ready for my morning walk with Dean.

Since the pain stayed at the same level I took two Tylenol in preparation for my morning walk. The dizziness was gone just in time for my walk, all that was left was the hip and shoulder pain. Both increased in the pain level instead of decreasing. I therefore decided to take a Dilaudid pill, knowing it would take about 45 to 60 minutes before it action would kick in to reduce the pain level. At the start of my walk the hip pain was still there, over time it shifted to my ankles and back to my hips.

Getting back home I rested for a bit, making sure I did not fall a sleep. I spend some time in my office trying o get my Android Player TV Box up and running. I also worked on our fountain which was subject to some major wind storm losing lots of water. All in all I stayed busy. My wife got home from work just in time for us to go out for a small afternoon work before dinner. For dinner we had some chicken with cut-up potato slices and baby carrots.

After dinner we watched some TV on Netflix before calling it a day. That is it for today, in summary, today was another so-so day, which was better then yesterday.

Picture of the Day

2018-05-21 – Zen Camera – Lesson 1 – Observation (Somewhere New), Day 20