2018-06-02 Recovery Day 453

Today’s posting is short and can be summed up as having had an excellent day. Before providing the details, let me mention that today was a day spend around the Vacaville Premium Outlets Stores. All the walking was done around the stores.
Starting with the health part, no complains, no signs of dizziness or nausea this morning. After Breakfast and morning medication it was time for a 45 minute drive to Vacaville, arriving in time for the opening store hours. We spend about 9 hours all together driving and shopping. From a health perspective I watched my pain levels very carefully. The moment some pain surfaced I would slow down and/or sit-down until it was under control. I was lucky there were not many instances of the pain breaking through. As I said, an excellent day.

From an activity point, we visited many stores, getting mostly clothing and shoes. As to my Project 365, I took a few pictures of flowers that stood out during some of my rest periods. There is not much more to write about, we enjoyed lunch and dinner eating at restaurants. We got back home around 6:00 (18:00). After unpacking it was time for a rest, uploading today’s pictures and writing this report. As I said, today’s report would be short, however, in summary, today was overall a excellent day.

Picture of the Day

2018-06-02 – A day out on the road