2018-06-04 Recovery Day 455

The day started of fine with no issues, no signs of dizziness or nausea in the morning. After breakfast and morning medication I went with Dean to the new eBART station checking it out before driving down to the Marina for our morning walk with Dean. We got back home just in time for lunch. Because it was hot outside I stayed inside. Shortly after lunch I noticed some stomach problems, so I rested. The stomach problem continued for the rest of the day.

From an activity point, we discovered a new walking trail down at the Antioch Marina. The trail goes trough the Dow Wetlands Preserve, we walked it for about .75 miles before returning. Checking it out on the Web, there are about 5 miles of trail in the Preserve.

Getting back home I rested since my stomach acting up abit. It did not get better as the day progressed. I did have a bit of dinner, but it was not much. I rested until it was time to it a day.

That it for today, as I said, the report would be short, in summary, today was overall a not so good day.

Picture of the Day

2018-06-04 – Zen Camera – Lesson 1 – Observation (Something New)