2018-06-05 Recovery Day 456

Today started off where the pain left me last night and all night. Besides the pain there was no signs of dizziness or nausea in the morning. I delayed my breakfast for an hour before having a light one, toast and tea. My pain did not go away, I did take a Dilaudid around 9:00, the pain level dropped a little bit but not by much. I decided to go for a short walk with Dean little bit after 11:00, getting back by 12:00. Intresting enough after getting back home from the walk, the pain level was very low.

From an activity point, besides walking for about 45 minutes, there was no other. The pain level was almost at the normal level and low enough to join Tuesday’s Support Group meeting. After the meeting I rested at the local Cancer Center until Dianne picked me up around 4:30.

Getting back home I rested and start working on today’s pictures that were taken with no specific subject in mind. Anything that look good somehow or was different, was game to shoot. Soon it was time for dinner. After dinner we watch some movies.

That it for today, as I said, the report would be short, in summary, today was overall a bad day that turn to a good day.

Picture of the Day

2018-06-05 – Walking around – Anything goes