2018-06-08 Recovery Day 459

Health wise, today second day after Wednesday’s all-day treatment cycle #5, started of like yesterday with no issues, no signs of dizziness or nausea in the morning. During the day depending on the activity, my back pain increased for a bit, but resting for awhile got the level back to what I call normal.

After breakfast and morning medication I went for my morning walk with Dean. After getting back we all got ready to attend the funeral service for Harry, our friend and neighbor who passed away after a fight with cancer at the age of 84.

After the service we ran a few errands shopping at CostCo, as well as having lunch there. Returning home it was time for me to rest while, which meant to move today’s photos to the laptop and from there to Flickr.

It was time for all of us to do some more shopping and on the way home picking up some Chinese take-out food for today’s dinner.

There is not much more to write about, dinner was good and afterwards we watched some movies.

That it for today, in summary, today was overall a very good day.

Picture of the Day

2018-06-08 – Walking around – Anything goes