2018-06-11 Recovery Day 462 (Part 2)

I stopped yesterday’s posting after having returned from our walk through the DOW’s Wetland Preserve. Since I could not remember what happed afterwards I stop the posting there.

I talked about the event with Dean during our walk today. According to him, the problem started at the end of our walk.

Getting back to the car I had trouble walking, Dean helped me getting into the car. He call Dianne who told him to meet her at the Emergency Entrance of the local hospital. I woke up from my short snooze and after talking to Dianne and Dean, they agreed that Dean takes me home. I was to rest and eat lunch. Further, I was to check-in with Dianne every hour.

That’s it for the missing events that I left out in yesterday’s posting since I did not know them. I since then spoke with Dean who updated me today.

That it for today, in summary, yesterday (today) was overall a extremely different day.

Picture of the Day

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