2018-06-16 Recovery Day 467

Today was a so-so day. The day started without any signs of dizziness or nausea, and the pain level in my shoulder was at normal level. Since tomorrow is Father’s Day, Dianne took me out for breakfast a day earlier to bypass the crowds tomorrow. After breakfast we went to the farmers market to get the ingredients for Dianne’s Minestrone soup.

After the market we went shopping at Old Navy and Target before getting back home. At home I took a few pictures of our things in the backyard. After lunch we went to the local AMC movie theater watching “Solo”. Returning home it was soon time for dinner.

Again there is not much more to write about. After dinner we watched a movie and I finished my posting. The posting is short because I did not feel very good after dinner.

That it for today, in summary, today was overall a so-so day.

Picture of the Day

2018-06-16 – Things in our Backyard