2018-06-19 Recovery Day 470

Today was another good day. I continue to be able to sleep well. Getting up there were no signs of dizziness, nausea or excess pain in my shoulder and hips. Since the forecast for today called for high heat, our plan is to leave earlier, shortly after breakfast. We left for the DOW wetland shortly after 8:00.

We parked at the Antioch Marina to enter the wetland from the East. After about 30 minutes we saw two helicopters fly low over the wetland towards the main police building, where they actually landed. Ten minutes later they took off and left towards the main highway. We encounter a few interesting things on our walk. Some of them are captured on today’s pictures.

After returning home it was time to have lunch and get ready to attend the support group meeting. Dean picked me up at 12:30 to drop me off at the local cancer center for the meeting. The heat seemed to have been the reason that we only had half of the members present. After the meeting, I spend an hour resting in the library before Dianne took me home.

Being back home I encountered some stomach ache. It did not stop me from eating dinner. There is not much more to write about. After dinner we continued to watch a movie and some TV.

That it for today, in summary, today was overall another good day.

Picture of the Day

2018-06-19 – Walking through the DOW wetland