2018-06-20 Recovery Day 471

oday was not a good day. Sleeping was not an issue. However getting up I was hit with dizziness and nausea. I tried to rest to get both symptoms down, but no luck. Therefore I took Zofran and Meclizine, which helped. After taking my morning medication there was enough time before going for my treatment to take some pictures of Margaret’s (Dean’s wife) backyard.

Dean picked me up around 8:45 and dropped me of at the local Cancer Center for my treatment. There is not much to write about the treatment since it is the same every time. This is number 15, not counting the ones last year part of the original treatment plan that in the end failed.

The only worthwhile thing to report is that my platelet count was very low, having dropped from 120 to 67. Because of that I am told to suspend taking the daily chemo pill (Pomalyst 4mg) for now. Next Wednesday I will under go another blood test to see if the platelet count is over 100 to continue with taking Pomalyst.

After returning home it was time to rest and celebrate Denise’s birthday. After that had dinner followed watching a movie and some TV.

That it for today, in summary, today was overall not a good day.

Picture of the Day

2018-06-20 – Margaret’s Backyard