2018-06-23 Recovery Day 474

Today started of to be not a good day, however things changed to the better. Waking up was not a problem as I got up about every 45 to 60 minutes starting around midnight. I did finally get a bit of sleep around 6:00 getting up at 8:00. I had a light breakfast, taking my morning medication and got ready to join the Relay for Life of the Delta @ the Los Medanos College in Pittsburg. By the time we got to the relay my dizziness had disappeared and the back and hip pains were at acceptable levels.

I participated at the start of the relay in walking 2 rounds as part of the surviver group. Since it started to heat up I spend most time in the shade and took some pictures. Around 11:00, after a rest in the surviver room we called it a day returned home for lunch.

After lunch Dianne and Denise went shopping and I rested watching some World Cup Soccer games. On their returns we all watched TV since the outside temperature had reached 106F (41C), to hot to be outside. I used the time for uploading the pictures from this morning. The rest of the afternoon was spend in addition to getting this blog entry started to work on the never ending job to organize my files across the number of computers I maintain. After dinner we continued to watch a movie and some TV.

That it for today, in summary, today turned out better then first envision this morning, the day was overall a good day after all.

Picture of the Day

2018-06-23 – Relay for Life of the Delta @ Los Medanos College