2018-06-29 Recovery Day 480

Another good day, after a slow start. Waking up at my normal time I did not feel good, Dianne made me stay in bed with taking a ZoFran to get my no stomach aches settle. It worked, by 7:00 my stomach aches and dizziness were down to the normal levels. I started to get ready for my morning walk with Dean, when I got a text message from him. It said:

Hey I can’t walk today. Had an overnight stay at Kaiser fill you in on the details when I get out

Dean believed that he would be released around lunch, I therefore decided to go ahead with my morning walk alone.

However, before I was ready to start my walk, I received a FaceTime call from Hannelore and Peter in Germany. We had not talked for some time because of issues with the sound using the iPad. Today we used Hanne’s iPhone. We had a good call, catching up with a lot of things.

After the FaceTime call I went to talk with Margret, Dean’s wife, she too was told that he will be going home later today. I therefore went for my walk which was rather slow, not just because of stopping for photos, but at the same time thinking about Dean.

Getting back home from regular walk which, I was getting ready for my lunch with my ex-Premenos buddies. Today Larry and Greg joined me for lunch. We had as always some good discussions how to save the world. After Larry and Greg left, I cleaned up.

I stayed outside and according to Dianne which came home at mid-afternoon I was dozing in my garden chair. I have no recollection what happen after lunch and by the time Dianne got home.

Regardless, Dianne decided that we both should go and visit Dean at the hospital since the latest update was that he but will stay overnight to be released tomorrow after replacing his stents. Dean was surprised to see us, but we had a good visit, he really enjoyed seeing us.

After returning back home, Dianne finished some housework with me helping a bit to stay awake. Dinner time came quickly, which Diann made Pizza and a Caesar salad. I had started to work on this posting and uploading today’s pictures, however I had a hard time staying awake. I finally finished the post after dinner.

That it for today, in summary, the day was overall a good day after all.

Picture of the Day

2018-06-29 – Well maintained Front yards