2018-06-30 Recovery Day 481

Another good day, which started with Denise taking us for Breakfast at the Original Mels Diner. Health-wise I had no issues, keeping my back pain in check with resting when needed. It was a good day!

After breakfast we went to the Brentwood Farmers Market, followed with a trip to Walmart and Costco. We had to stock up a bit since Dieter and Carsten will be here for almost a week and there is July 4th to account for as well.

After all that Grocery shopping Dianne and I went for my morning walk. Today’s picture theme was for Dianne to pick and she picked rocks. We got a good selection. Returning back home from our walk it was lunch time.

You may recall that my walking buddy and friend Dean had check himself in at Kaisers. As it turned out he had a small heart attack. Today they scheduled him for more tests and as it turns out they did not find anything. Margaret informed us that he should be back home around dinner time.

Because the grass in front of Dean’s house has very high, Dean had planned to cut it yesterday, Dianne decided to go and help by cutting his grass today as a surprise. It took Dianne some time to cut the grass because it was very high. Since I felt good I helped Dianne a bit. By the time she was done it was mid-afternoon, just in time, because Dieter and Carsten arrived. They will stay with us for a visit until Thursday.

After dinner we watched a movie and some TV. That is it for today, in summary, the day was overall a good day after all.

Picture of the Day

2018-06-30 – Rocks and more rocks