2018-07-01 Recovery Day 482

Today turn into a so-so day, which started with getting up around 7:00 and having a bagel for breakfast. Health wise I was a bit under the weather, hoping that walking would take care of it. Both my hips bothered me all day, the pain level varied from low to medium. Interesting enough my shoulder discomfort was at a low level. However, I never really could shake being down all day.

After resting for a bit, Dianne and I went shopping at Sprouts and Rayleys. Getting back home it was lunch time. Dieter, Carsten and Denise went to the Lawrence Hall of Science returning for lunch. Since I did not start feeling better I rested for most of the afternoon.

A bit before dinner I saw Dean outside. I payed him a visit until it was dinner time. Dieter barbecued chicken and zucchini and we had potato salad and beans. Fresh strawberries from the farmers market with ice cream and fireworks Oreo cookies for desert. After dinner I spent time writing this posting before calling a day. That is it for today, in summary, the day was overall a so-so day after all.

Happy Canada Day for all my fellow Canadians reading this.

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2018-07-01 – Discarded along the way

One thought on “2018-07-01 Recovery Day 482

  1. Dear Klaus,
    This should be Recovery Day 482 not 481, because 482 is missing. And I received the Recovery Day 483 today for 2018-07-02.
    Best regards,

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