2018-07-02 Recovery Day 483

Today was a bad day, which started with no sleep. I was up every hour, finally getting up at 10:30 and having a shower. Health wise I was all over the place. From stomach cramps to pain in every limb and joint. Not a good day!

After getting downstairs I rested for a while in my Chaise Lounge Chair. My pain levels went down just a bit. I had some dry toast and tea so that I could take my morning medication. I had hoped to be able to walk after lunch, but that did not happen because of the pain not having retreaded enough.

I finally broke down and took a Dilaudid hoping it would helped with the discomfort (tinny spams) of my legs and shoulder blades. After resting for an hours I decided to start taking some pictures around the outside of house and garden for today’s photo set.

I started to feel a bit better, especially the issue with my “jumpy” legs and shoulder tightness. My stomach settled a little bit but it is still a noticeable issue.

After having spend about and hour taking pictures on and off, I rested to get ready for dinner.

After dinner I spent time writing this posting before calling a day.

That is it for today, in summary, the day was overall a bad day.

Picture of the Day

2018-07-02 – Leaves and more leaves