2018-07-03 Recovery Day 484

Today was a good day, which started with a good sleep. I got up the regular time, Dianne made us a good breakfast. Carsten and I got ready for our walk with Dean. Health wise no complains, no stomach problems or bone pains, only my shoulder discomfort. I rested, if that is what you can called it, for most of the day, the Chaise Lounge Chair, doing some little things, including working on my computers remotely.

There is not much to report for today, I helped here and there with some small stuff for Dianne and Denise, both have decided to take some vacation time and stay home with Dieter and Carsten visiting us.

As I said earlier, no health complains. On our morning walk Carsten helped to collect some garbage, a task Dean normally did by himself, today he has a helper. I used the afternoon to upload the pictures and write this posting.

Dianne cut my hair in the afternoon, she does a great job doing it. Carsten spend time reading or play games on his iPad. It was a great day to being outside the temperature and wind speed were just right. We really enjoyed our backyard for the first time this year.

For dinner we had German style Beer Brads on a Bun with San Francisco style potato salad, aparagus and Dianne made apple crisp for desert.

After dinner we watched a movie before calling it a day.

That is it for today, in summary, the day was overall a good day.

Picture of the Day

2018-07-03 – Automobile car rims