2018-07-04 Recovery Day 485

Today was another good day, which again started with a good sleep. Like yesterday I got up early around 7:00 and had a good breakfast Dianne had made. Health wise no complaints, no stomach problems and no bone pains, only a little bit shoulder discomfort.

Around 9:00 Dianne, Carsten and I went to Contra Loma Regional Park for our walk and picture taking. Being 4th July the park was full of families enjoying the holiday with an all day picnic. By the time we left the regular parking lot was full and cars were parked in the auxiliary lot.

Getting back home it was getting close to lunch time. After lunch Dianne and I took Carsten to the big local park to have fun on the playground and its fitness equipment. Getting back home I rested for most of the afternoon in my chaise lounge chair watch some TV on my Mac.

There is again not much more to report for today. Before we knew it was dinner time. For dinner we had hamburgers with San Francisco style potato salad, Brentwood corn and baked beans. Desert was shortbread cake with strawberries and vanilla ice cream.

After dinner we watched a movie before calling it a day.

That is it for today, in summary, the day was overall a good day.

Picture of the Day

2018-07-04 – Visiting Contra Loma Regional Park