2018-07-12 Recovery Day 493

Today was a somewhat good day. I had no diarrhea until about 4:30. In between I had a good BM around 13:30 which was not totally solid, more of a mashed potato type. We took this one to the lap for analysis. We are back to watch for diarrhea the rest of the day! I am not taking any chances and therefore I am staying on the special BRAT diet.

I had my regular breakfast before for my walk with Dean around 8:30. Today’s subject for all pictures was to have some silver in it. After returning home from the walk Dean took me to Grocery Outlet to pick up some energy drinks since they were on a very low discount price.

After getting finally home I had a short FaceTime call with Ray about a new website for a project he and some colleagues are working on. After the call I went to my office and spent some time uploading the PICTURES and checking for a possible new theme for the site.

Shortly before lunch time Dianne picked me up to take me to my Primary Doctor for my nine months immunization shots, five of them. Returning back home it was time for lunch. Since I had a BM Dianne took a sample to the local lab. On the way home we dropped by the gas station for a fill up.

Getting back home, I did some processing of the today’s photos before my FaceTime call with Kenji. After the call it was soon time for dinner which was Banana slices on Toast with Rice in Apple Source (BRAT Diet) to reduce the possibility to have more diarrhea problem. That is it for today, in summary, the day was almost good day.

Picture of the Day

2018-07-11 – Pictures that contain silver