2018-07-13 Recovery Day 494

Today was a somewhat day. The diarrhea is back, starting during the night every hour. It was bit better during the day since it only happen a few times. However, especially after having had IV hydration again I just did not feel well. I did not taking any chances during the day when it came to eating, I am stayed on the special BRAT diet.

I had my regular BRAT breakfast before for my walk with Dean around 8:30. Today’s subject for the pictures was to take pictures of automobiles (cars). After returning home from the walk Dean and I went for a short shopping trip to Lowes. After returning home I uploaded the PICTURES for later processing.

Being Friday I had lunch with my Premenos colleagues. After the lunch Dean dropped me of at the cancer center for me to get some IV Hydration. Returning back home it was dinner time. After dinner we watch some TV.

That is it for today, in summary, the day was somewhat different from all the others.

Picture of the Day

2018-07-13 – Pictures of automobiles (cars)