2018-07-14 Recovery Day 495

Today was another so-so day. The good news the new stronger medication kept the diarrhea in check, especially during the night. I still had to get up three times. During the day my stomach would not stop actively rumbling for a lack of a better word. On the negative side, my energy level was rather low. The good news I had no diarrhea during the day. Hopefully it will stay that way during the night and tomorrow.

Dianne made me a variation of the BRAT diet for breakfast before we went shopping at the Brentwood Farmers Market. Dianne suggested to use the opportunity to take pictures of the fruit and vegetables. I took her suggestion and captured a good set of photos you can see HERE.

Returning back home we unloaded what we got at the market and went back out for some quick grocery shopping at Costco. Returning back home to unload the groceries and pick up Denise to go shopping at Walmart. After getting back home from that shopping trip, we again unloaded our groceries only to leave to go to Brentwood’s AMC movie theater to watch Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Finally after the movie we went home to rest since the outside temperature was higher then forecasted. Soon it was dinner time. After dinner we watch some TV.

That is it for today, in summary, it was a busy day so-so day. There are however signs that my diarrhea problems might be over by tomorrow.

Picture of the Day

2018-07-14 – Pictures of Fruit and Vegtables