2018-07-15 Recovery Day 496

Today was a better day. No more diarrhea resulting in a good night sleep. I started the day with a good breakfast, still following the BRAT diet. During the day my stomach would still rumble up every so often, not really a big problem. On the positive side my energy level started to raise. It looks like my bout with the diarrhea seems to be over.

After breakfast Dianne and I went for our morning walk. Today’s subjects was BUSHES and SCRUBS. Getting back from our walk I spend some time in our backyard listen to music and uploading and filing today’s photos. As lunch time approached I went inside since it was getting hot which was not good for my electronics. For lunch I had a German noodle soup with a small piece of Baguette.

The afternoon was spend watching some movies. Soon it was dinner time. After dinner we watched some more TV.

That is it for today, in summary, it was a busy but better day. Looks like that my diarrhea days are over.

Picture of the Day

2018-07-15 – Bushes and Scrubs