2018-07-28 Recovery Day 509

Today was another good day. Sleeping was not perfect as I was up every 2 hours. Being Saturday I slept in to almost 7:00. Since I have had no diarrhea for the last 36 hours I had a normal breakfast of Belgian waffle with strawberries. The rest of the day was without any signs of diarrhea or other stomach related pains.

After breakfast I resting for a bit before going for my morning walk with Dianne. Today’s set of photos were taken along the walk Dean and I go sometimes. There is a earlier set of this taken at the start of the year when the grass was green. Now the grass is burned and yellow. Today our walk to take PHOTOS was along Deermeadow, Sterling Hill, Knollcrest, Shannondale, Country Hill & Deerfield/Wolf Trail.

Returning back home, after a short rest, it was time to have lunch before leaving for an appointment with the Neptune Society in Walnut Creek. Returning home from our visit to Walnut Creek I spend a few ours sorting to some old papers. Soon it was dinner time. After dinner we watch some TV before retiring.

That is it for today, in summary, the day was overall another good day.

Picture of the Day
2018-07-28 – Pictures of path/walk ways – Option 3