2018-08-01 Recovery Day 513

Health wise today was another good day. No real pain, except for the new needle and pins pain on my right side that shows up when I bend. No hip pain during my walk today. Now that the diarrhea is gone, I will start again with taking Pomalyst, the chemo pill. Activity wise I had a good day which started off on the wrong foot. As to my photos, they are different as I started with something new.

I watered the flowers right after breakfast to be ready for Dean at 8:00 to take me to the Big Break Regional Park for the 1st Wednesday of the month Coffee Talk & Delta News session. However, I missed the announcement that the session was canceled because of maintenance work to the access road and parking lot. Lucky for me that Dean was not to far back to return and pick me up to take me back home.

After being back home I got my stuff together for my walk and taking the right camera for my picture taking session. Today’s PICTURES are all about Leading Lines. All photos were taken at Prewitt Park and are of the same subject “Fence along the foot walk path at the Country Hill Drive end. I split my walk into two, with taking the pictures at the end of the first half.

After returning home from my walk, I started with filling out the paperwork for the Canadian Pension. The next thing I did after that was uploading today’s photos which took some time because for what ever reason it took much longer for some problems at the Flickr end. Afterwards I helped Dianne with emptying our storage room underneath the stairway.

By the time we got done dinner time was approaching fast. After dinner we watched 100 Code, a TV Show.

That is it for today, in summary, the day was overall another good day.

Picture of the Day
2018-08-01 – Leading Lines