2018-08-03 Recovery Day 515

Healthwise another good day with no apparent side effect or pains during my walk. This is day two since taking Pomalyst, the chemo pill, which in the past was the day when side effects showed up. The only pain I encountered today was my shoulder pain because of the household activities I did in the afternoon.

Activity wise I had a very good day, even with my shoulder pain being a result of doing a bit too much household work. Because of me taking Pomalyst I had to hold off taking Tylenol until I had taken Pomalyst. There is a time requirement of not taking anything for 2 hours before taking Pomalyst.

I started the day with breakfast and some laundry before starting my walk with Dean. Today’s PICTURES were all again about Leading Lines. All photos were taken along our Walking Trails, Wolf Way, Wolverine Way, Deerfield Drive, Via Dora Drive, Golden Bear Drive, Hillcrest Avenue, Deerfield Drive and Elkhorn Way. Today I used not only a number of different subjects but also leading lines that were mostly curved. Our walk took almost two hours because of walking slow enjoying the cooler temperature and selecting the subjects for applying the lines principle.

After returning home from our walk, I started getting my photo stuff together since it was time for getting together with my ex-Premonus colleges for lunch. Today only Bill and Suzan were able to join me, Greg and Larry enjoyed vacation time away from work. After Bill and Suzan left Dianne came home and I helped with the Laundry work. I also spend some time sorting out all the paperwork that has piled up for the last few months.

Dinner time was approaching fast. Today we had Pizza with a Caesar Salad. We ended the evening by watching some TV before calling it a day.

That is it for today, in summary, the day was overall another good day.

Picture of the Day
2018-08-03 – Leading Lines – Part 3