2018-08-10 Recovery Day 522

Today was a good day with somewhat unexpected complication at the start of the day. For most of the day, there were no side effects or pains (the exception being the surgery related shoulder pain). As to the complication, today was what we call “Patch Day“. In the morning Dianne changes my Fentanyl patches which is my baseline pain control. The patch is a transdermal system delivering 100 mcg/hr for 72 hrs. I use two patches for 200 mcg. This morning after changing the patches, I suddenly got very dizzy and my stomach got queasy. I took immediately Zofran and Meclizine which got it under control. By the time I was ready for my walk, everything was back to normal.

I am not sure what happened with the patches. Maybe the old patches did not deliver the last 8 hours or so and putting on the new was a sudden jolt to the system. Or the new patches had a problem of over delivering and providing the sudden jolt. We may never know, unless we have the same problem next time, on Monday 13th, just in time to mention it to the nurses on my treatment day, Wednesday 15th.

As to my activities for today, Dean and I did our morning work. During our work we took some PICTURES with the motto Anything goes Friday. As it turns out the photos are mainly about trees.

Getting back home, I changed quickly to go with Dean to Costco for our Friday shopping. We got back by 11:30 in time for me to be ready for the Friday Premonus lunch with Bill and Suzan. Greg and Larry are still on vacation. As always we had a great lunch talking about the work of Suzan and Bill on their front-yard and some news items worth our comments.

After Bill and Suzan left I spend some time cleaning up the den since Dieter, Carsten and Renee are arriving this evening from LA for the weekend, and Dieter’s Birthday tomorrow. Dianne came home a bit early, we took a quick trip to Safeway before doing more work to get ready for our dinner with Dieter and company as well as preparations for tomorrow’s birthday.

Waiting for Dieter to arrive, around 6:00, I rested writing this posting and watching some new X file episodes I had recorded. After Dieter arrived we had some home-made Gyros and some advanced birthday cake. Since it was a late dinner for me, afterward we chatted for a bit before I retired for the day.

That is it for today, in summary, the trend of good days continues, even with the hiccup this morning with the patch reaction.

Picture of the Day
2018-08-10 – Anything goes Friday