2018-08-11 Recovery Day 523

Today was another good day with no unexpected complication. Being the weekend we did not get up too early. Dianne prepared my weekend breakfast, tomato, avocado and turkey bacon on toasted multigrain bread. Since Dieter, Carsten and Renee were here for a visit and it was Dieter’s Birthday, Dianne prepared for Dieter and Carsten theirs on homemade waffles instead of toast. Renee went for breakfast with her father. After breakfast, Dianne and Carsten joined me for my morning walk.

Today it was Carsten’s turn to selected what PICTURES to take. Here did a good job, check it out. After getting back home it was my task to get Dieter out of the house so that the girls could decorate the kitchen for a surprise lunch. Denise set up a special cat theme lunch. I asked Dieter to take our van to Costco to fill it up with gas and also to get some items inside the warehouse. Getting back home he was very surprised at the setup and special cat lunch.

After lunch, we spend some time to go to my collectibles I had gathered when I was younger and taken some of them from Germany to Canada and finally to here. Most were from my days in Canada. These collectibles are photo slides, coins, vinyl LPs and 45s. The coins are either Canadian mint sets or those I collected during my travels. It was fun reminiscing about the good old days.

Dinner time came soon, which was pizza from Skipolini’s, considered the best pizza in the Bay Area. I enjoyed their vegetable pizza. Since it was another 100F (38C) day we had Sangria as a drink with the pizza. The dessert was a chocolate peanut butter cake. Overall a good birthday dinner. After dinner, we watch Hotel Transylvania before calling it a day.

Picture of the Day
2018-08-11 – Carsten’s Photo Picks