2018-08-15 Recovery Day 527

Another good day that started with dizziness and my stomach queasiness after getting up. I will skip the details since I mention them for the last few days. As to the Transderm Scop (Scopolamine) patch, it seems not to work. I give it another chance tomorrow when Parch Day is.

I still fall asleep unexpectedly and constantly, it happens mostly after lunch. Today it happened at the start of my treatment session.

It is treatment day today, all day. Dean dropped me off at the center shortly before 9:00. After taking my vitals, they drew some blood to run a Complete Blood Count (CBC) and a Myeloma Blood Test to make sure. The result of the latter won’t be available until the start of next week with the results being reviewed by my oncology doctor at our next appointment. The CBC results are almost instant since the numbers determine to go forward or not with the infusion of the biological medication.

Being a full treatment day, from 9:00 to 5:00 (09:00 to 17:00) The only PICTURES I can take are close to the house. Today’s subject was Neighborhood Flowerbeds. After the photo taking it was time to go to my treatment session. There was a possibility to cancel the session because my Platelet count was below the level required to do the infusion. However, after checking with the doctor, she wanted us to go ahead with it but stop taken the chemo drug Pomalyst, which seems to be the problem. She wants me to stop taking the Pomalyst for the next 2 weeks and start taken it again for the next 3 weeks. This will allow the platelets count to go back up. Hopefully, we will be able to figure out what to do for the week after, since twice now continue taken them caused the Platelet count to go lower.

Getting back it was time to prepare dinner. As it has become our standard, after dinner we watch some TV before calling it a day.

Picture of the Day
2018-08-16 – Photographic principle – Neighborhood Flowerbeds