2018-08-19 Recovery Day 531

Today was a bad day. On the positive side, I woke up with no dizziness. However, on the negative side, my stomach queasiness turned in to cramps every so often. In addition both of my hips experienced bone pain all day long. There is not much more to report, I just could not shake the stomach problems. In addition, I also had some lightheadedness. In summary, not a good day.

Activity wise, I did very little as I rested for most of the day. I had a hard time staying awake, dozing off when every I thought I was ready to do things. I was however up on my feet to prepare lunch and afterward spend about 15 minutes in Dean’s garden to take some PICTURES.

My being up did not last long as I had to return back home to rest because of the bone pain. It took me a long time to upload the pictures and write this posting as I drifted off many times. For dinner we had Gyros. Afterward, we watch a movie before calling it a day.

Picture of the Day
2018-08-19 – Our Neighbors’ Garden