2018-08-21 Recovery Day 533

Today was a good day. No dizziness and stomach queasiness at the start of my day! The only health issue remaining was the bone pain in both of my hips. Normally it lasts no more than 4 days after treatment, this time we are on day 6. I also feel very tired starting around mid-afternoon. In summary, a good day.

Activity wise, I went walking with Dean, along the Delta de Anza Regional Trail. The trail is very long and therefore we had broken it into sections. Today we walked along the 3rd section, starting at Emerald/Mendota Way and turning around at Empire Ave. It was a longer walk than normal and did have a steep incline we had to master. Most of today’s PICTURES were taken along the Contra Costa Canal. To our surprise there was a vineyard bordering on the trail and Empire Ave.

Being back home, I did not have much time to do some cleanup, upload the pictures and have lunch before Dean will drop me off at the cancer center for my support group meeting. After the meeting Dianne and I went to the local pharmacy to pick up more meds. I had a small chat with the pharmacist since I had not seen him for some time.

Getting home, I rested and started writing this posting. Afterward dinner we continued to watch a movie before calling it a day.

Picture of the Day
2018-08-21 – Along the Delta de Anza Regional Trail (Part 3)