2018-08-22 Recovery Day 534

Let’s start by explaining why this posting was not available yesterday – IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY HEALTH ISSUE!!! It was the lack of time as you will see in a moment.

Today (22nd August) was a good day, again with some unexciting start of the day. Getting up I had to rush to the bathroom because of some dry-heaving which lasted about 5 minutes. I went back to bed for an hour and getting a second time up, no dizziness and stomach queasiness for the rest of the day, which was important since I had signed up for some late evening session with the East Bay Regional Park District part of my Docent training.

Activity wise, since it was Wednesday, no walking with Dean. Instead, I had planned to spend the morning at the Big Break Regional Shoreline for some Bird Watching with Stephen (Steve) Imialek who I meet 2 weeks ago at a Docent Training session. We both connect to see if BBRS was good for doing some Bird Photography. The answer is YES! We got some good PICTURES. We agreed to use the three Wednesday mornings between my Treatment for Bird Watching.

Since I had also an evening session on my schedule, there are two Photos of the Day, as well as Albums.

Getting back home it was time for having lunch and start preparing for the evening activity. The list was rather long, dinner and snacks, water, binoculars, cameras, and a light jacket. Even in the heat of the valley, it cools down in the delta breeze and shade of the causeway. Because of it I also backed a folding chair not to stand while waiting and watching the bats. The dirt road was level and accessible for individuals with limited mobility – me and others.

Ed picked me up around 4:00, we got the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Headquarters in Davis by about 5:50, just in time for the 6:00 program start. The program started with a 60-minute indoor program at the HQ. This includes the viewing of live, native species. Afterward, we caravaned through the wildlife area to the east side and position ourselves to watch the bats fly.

Again we just made it just in time, 5 minutes to spare, to see the first group leave their sleeping area for their night hunt at exactly 7:37 PM. There were thousands of them. The show was over around 8:00 PM. In between, we saw 3 separate groups leave for the hunt. Check out the PICTURES for yourself. BTW the tree you see in some pictures is the starting point for them, it serves as their focal point.

I got back home around 10:15 PM, to go straight to bed, no energy to write this post. Overall, both sessions made this a great day, especially as my body did hold up, a very minor increase in pain levels as the day progressed. Maybe I will pay for it tomorrow.

Pictures of the Day
2018-08-22 – Bird watching at Big Break (Morning)

Pictures of the Day
2018-08-22 – Bat Talk and Viewing at the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area (Evening)