2018-08-26 Recovery Day 538

Today was a unexpected day, it started off as a very good day with no dizziness, stomach queasiness or bone pain after getting up. Even the shoulder pain, a result of the spine surgery, was at a low pain level. We got up on our normal Sunday morning time and had a good breakfast, home-made waffles with warm strawberries, pineapple and bananas. We waited for the sun to warm up the outside before starting our morning walk.

And starting was all we did, as I had a bad fall about a block from home. My foot got caught on the curb resulting in a bad fall landing on the right side, hitting my head, hand, and knee on the sidewalk. On the positive side, I only got a small cut to the right of my eye. Using ice helped bring down and stop the swelling. Also, there was not much blood. Hand and knee will just have a good bruise. For the rest of the day, Dianne and Denise watched me making sure I did not fall asleep.

As to my picture taking, sadly I was only able to take five (5) pictures before falling. These five photos were the last one with this camera since the camera broke beyond repair. Being limited to staying home the rest of the PICTURES were taken around the backyard with my other cameras as the day progressed.

For dinner today we had, homemade ravioli with Caesar Salad and shredded roasted chicken. It was an excellent meal. Afterward, we watch a movie before calling it a day.

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One thought on “2018-08-26 Recovery Day 538

  1. Sorry to read about your fall. I returned to your web site to view your gorgeous photos. One of my granddaughters will take photography when she enters high school and I’ll share with her your beautiful photos and how beautifully displayed they are on the home page of this web site which you use to its best advantage, IMO.
    Sounds like you are fortunate to be so well looked after by caring family!
    Your web site is one of the few bright lights in the world at the moment!!!
    And brings some perspective.
    My husband and I had a chance to meet several young people yesterday who, busy as they are, also volunteer at a near by small vegetable garden in the heart of the city. There seems to be a growing (no pun intended!) interest in sustainable local agriculture in places around the country. This is very welcome, in my opinion.
    Thanks, again for your informative web site! Hope your recovery continues to steadily improve!

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