2018-08-29 Recovery Day 541

Another good day that started not so good. I had trouble sleeping due to a sharp pain in my shoulder and lower back area. I had to take a Dilaudid again. By the time I got up the pain was manageable. As to the dizziness, stomach queasiness or bone pain, there were none. Since we had workers coming at 9:00 and it was Dean’s off day, I started my walk early around 7:45, for most of the walk there was no pain other than at the start.

Getting back home and for the rest of the day, there was no unusual pain. However, around 10:30, during having a snack of nuts etc., I notice that I had lost a filling in one of my left side back teeth. Dianne made an appointment for tomorrow to get it looked after.

Activities, as mention I started my morning walk alone and a bit early. Having replaced my broken camera I used it to take pictures along my preferred trail and recorded it using the AllTrails application. I called it Klaus’ Trail #1 and it runs along the city trail between Wolf, Country Hills, and Asilomar, as well as along the city streets of Montara, Buckskin, and Deerfield and ending along the city trial parallel to Elkhorn back to Wolf Way. I took lots of PICTURES, maybe too many.

Returning home, I had a FaceTime call with Ray for about 30 minutes before the workers came. Afterward, I had to clear some stuff in my office for them, only to put it later back. In between that time I spend some time trying to make progress on rearranging some stuff in my office. I made some progress, but not much as I also had to call our alarm company, which put me on hold for 15 minutes, glad it was not an emergency.

After lunch the workers left around 2:00 and I spend some time on rearrange furniture. Afterward, I finally got a small 15-minute rest before getting back to put my office back to what it was before the workers came. Before I know it is was late afternoon time to write this post and get ready for dinner. Afterward dinner I continued to watch with Dianne and Denise a movie before calling it a day.

Picture of the Day
2018-08-29 – Walking along one of my favored Trails