2018-08-30 Recovery Day 542

Today was a OK day that started off good. Around lunchtime the pain in my shoulder acted up, it may have been because during my morning walk I moved my head too far back following a hawk putting on a good show. I noticed that as time progressed some low-level pain in my shoulder. However, it stayed at a low level until I ended my shopping at Home Depot before lunch. I got the pain under control with Tylenol and resting before I visited the Dentist.

As to my tooth, it turns out the filling is still in place, no damage to it. It was a large chunk of the tooth that broke loose. The work needed is to build up the tooth a bit before putting a crown on it. Because of my treatment cycle, I cannot have any major work done until the end of September. The dentist ensured me that this is not a problem since the filling is in good condition and very secure in place.

Activities wise, I mention already my morning work which was inside DOW Wetlands along the most western trail starting at Antioch-Pittsburg Highway ending at the San Joaquin River. I took almost 50 PICTURES during the 2-mile walk we did in 75 minutes, not counting the stops for the photo opportunities.

Before returning home we stopped at Home Depot to get a can of wood stain. Once home I needed to rest because of my shoulder pain to be ready for the visit to the Dentist. As mention above, it was a short visit. Being back home I did a little bit of housework before it was for dinner. After dinner, I continued to watch with Dianne and Denise a movie before calling it a day.

Picture of the Day
2018-08-30 – Walking inside DOW Wetlands