2018-08-31 Recovery Day 543

Today got off to a rough start but turned out to be a GREAT one. I had to get up a bit earlier to make it for my 8:00 morning pickup. Because I started off rushing things, such as my breakfast, my system started to get overloaded. Slowing down got me back on track, ready to have a good day. My shoulder pain level was high but taken two Tylenol did the trick for the day. Health-wise I was fine all day, keeping my pain levels in check resting when needed and watching my movements during the outdoor activities.

Activities wise it was a long day. There were two types of activities during the day-long Docent Training and Enrichment sessions at the Big Break Visitor Center in Oakley. The first one involved inside activities, the others were outside within the park. The main activities involved Watercoloring, Insects, Plants/Pollination/Seeds, Reptiles, and Dunes. Check out these PICTURES I was able to capture these activities.

During the first break and lunch, I was able to take some landscape PICTURES for my daily posting. At that time I was not sure if I should take and include photos of the training sessions. As you know by now I decided to include al photos taken today.

Dianne and Denise picked me up after my training had ended. We did a quick stop at Kmart before having dinner. Getting back home I rested, if you can call it that, by uploading the picture and writing this posting. As it is our norm we watch a movie on TV before calling it a Day.

Pictures of the Day
2018-08-31 – Walking inside Big Break Regional Shoreline

2018-08-31 – Big Break Docent Training and Enrichment